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Lash lengths and Styles

At ILash'd we prefer to use silk lashes of .15mm to .25mm width. We always graduate the eyelash extensions from the outer to inner corners and will use combinations that suit the client. Our most common set is 11mm down to 8mm in the inner corners of the eyes. This gives a full but natural looking set.


Eyelash extensions take between one and two hours to apply depending on the number of lashes you have and the look you wish to create. Your eyelash extension technician will consult with you on your lifestyle and look you wish to create with your lashes. Different lengths, thicknesses and material are chosen based on this consultation. The eyelash extensions are applied while the client is fully reclined. We use gel lash pads to cover the lower lashes. This gives the client an eye treatment while holding down the lower lashes to ensure they don’t stick to the upper lashes while the procedure is taking place. The client is then asked to close their eyes for the duration of the procedure. Your eyes will be closed for approximately 1.5 hours.

Individual graft lashes are carefully applied to each lash with a medical grade bonding agent. Using specialty tweezers we can separate each individual lash to identify the healthy lash (usually mid length) and apply a silk graft. Approximately 60 to 160 lashes will be applied (determined by the clients needs and her existing natural lashes). The process is pain free and usually very relaxing. Some clients fall asleep during the procedure but mostly we are chatting. The lashes will shed as your own natural lashes do and so refills are recommended on average 3 weekly, with most of our clients rebooking 4 weekly. Eyelash extensions and lash extension removal should only be conducted by a qualified eyelash technician. Taegen has been trained by Jacqueline, founder of iLash’d, a reputable and well known supplier of lash products and training.


Prior to your appointment


  • Remove all makeup and clean your lashes preferably with an oil free makeup remover. This must be done before arrival. 
  • Remove contact lenses
  • Do not perm or curl your lashes 
  • If you have fair hair, we recommend you get your eyelashes tinted at least 48 hours before your appointment

After your Lashing


  • Try not to touch your lashes for the first 4 hours
  • Do not get your extensions wet for the first 24 hours
  • No steam rooms or spas for the first 24 hours
  • Be gentle with your new lashes and don’t pick at them
  • Do not use a lash curler on your extensions as they will crimp
  • Use only water based cleansers and mascara on your new extensions
  • Give your extensions a gentle brush when required to keep them aligned

Things to note

Each day we lose between 3 and 5 lashes.

Your eyelash extension technician cannot necessarily determine which lashes are going to fall out. Generally, your lashes will fall out unnoticed but after having eyelash extensions it becomes more obvious. Please do not worry about this.

 If you sleep on one side, you will lose more lashes from that side. Your technician will discuss this with you at appointment. Please speak with your technician about water based mascara which is inexpensive and available for purchase in our salon.  For our girls who are getting regular extensions, we recommend the swisse brand 'hair skin and nails' formula to keep your lashes healthy and strong. 

NEVER remove your own eyelash extensions by pulling at them or trying to peel them away from your natural lash and this will result in temporary damage you your own lashes. Call your lash technician should you wish to have them removed.

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Street Address: Unit 3B/378 Cavendish Road Coorparoo QLD 4170 View Map
Opening Hours: 6.30am-8pm Monday to Saturday

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