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Eyelash Extensions

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Find out why we are one of the most highly recommended eyelash extension specialists With 5 years experience, Jacqueline is one of Brisbane's most sought after eyelash extension specialists.

Eyelash extensions are now available for women who want to extend their own beauty by extending the length of their lashes. Your eyes frame your face, our clients say that they feel beautiful and love the fact that they no longer need to apply mascara. No more Panda eyes! In fact, many of them don’t wear makeup as much because the definition they get from their eyelash extension is all they require for everyday wear. This greatly reduces the time it takes to get ready in the morning.

The eyelash extensions widen and define the natural eye shape; look natural and come in a variety of lengths colours and thicknesses. They are semi-permanent and can be worn during showering and swimming. They are different to fake/false lashes (also known as strip lashes) because they are applied to each of your own lashes one by one. They last up to 4 weeks before we recommend a refill.

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What makes us the best Eyelash Extension Specialists?

Eyelash extension training is not all it requires to become a good eyelash extension technician.  Once I completed my training, I was required to practice on as many clients as possible.  I truly believe that it took me at least three months to become profficient at eyelash extensions. 

There are many different qualities of lashes and clients needs vary a great deal.  Having an ability to engage and listen to my clients has allowed me to determine the 'look' that they are trying to achieve quite quickly.

Most clients are very surprised at how natural their eyelash extensions appear.  This is not by accident.  I work very carefully to follow the natural line of my clients existing lashes and their eye shape to create a look that is truly beautiful. 

I believe that every client can and should be a long-term client.  I treat each eyelash extension application very carefully to preserve the health of each individual lash.  This ensures that my clients' lashes are never damaged in the process.

Our Home based service has grown primarily through word of mouth because we are renowned for being the best eyelash extensions specialist

Eyelash Extensions - What you should know.

It is very important, when choosing an eyelash extension specialist, that you ask them how long they have been lashing for.  This will tell you;

  1. Whether they are experienced enough to be using tweezers and glue around your eye
  2. If their experience is adequate enough for the result that you are looking for
  3. If they have completed enough sets of eyelash extensions to be able to create the look that you are looking for

Don't be afraid to ask for a more qualified technician if you are not sure. 

There is alot of truth to the statement that "You get what you pay for".  Many girls have approached me for eyelash extension removal after getting their lashes done very inexpensively and being in salon for under an hour.  Their lashes have been damaged and unfortunately, many of them never return to eyelash extensions.

You must choose an eyelash extension specialist that is both passionate about her work and experienced.


Busting Eyelash extension Myths

Eyelash Extensions are painless

Eyelash extensions are safe

Eyelash extensions do not have to cost the earth

Getting Eyelash extensions is relaxing

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Street Address: Unit 3B/378 Cavendish Road Coorparoo QLD 4170 View Map
Opening Hours: 6.30am-8pm Monday to Saturday

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